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Steminorder Card List of M/V TROYCON

Below Steminorder Cards are evaluation & comment by other members for M/V TROYCON

Total ' 1 ' Rates
Average Rating : " 9.00 "
 %80  %10  %10

 Firm (Assesor) : Cedarro Shipping
 AS Charterers
 Rating : 9
M/V TROYCON, much better than expected for a '65built. Only problem with her was the master who couldn't speak English well and didnt show fruitful cooperation. Crew & Cranes perfect. Holds & Hatches brand new.
Date :   12-03-2006
Price/Freight :   85000 €
Cargo :   Wood ; 1000 Mts
Vessel :   TROYCON
Port(s) :   Algiers/Novorosysk

Steminorder Card List of ESCAOIT SHIPPING

Below Steminorder Cards are evaluation & comment by other members for ESCAOIT SHIPPING

Total ' 6 ' Rates
Average Rating : " 7.00 "
3  %50 2   %33 1   %17

 Firm (Assesor) : Cedarro Shipping
 AS Charterers
 Rating : 10
As : Ship Owners
Messrs Escaoit are very serious shipowners. Their service was so good that I want to work only with them again and again.. Probably the best company ever in this site. Thank you so much..
Date :   12-03-2006
Price/Freight :   85000 $
Cargo :   Wood; 1000 Mts
Vessel :   TROYCON
Port(s) :   Algiers/Novorossiysk
ESCAOIT Shipping replies for above STEMINORDER CARD :
We are honoured to see the compliments of Messrs CEDARRO for our “standard service”! J 85,000 € we fixed as the freight was much below marhet rates because it was a return voyage for us for the port where we had cgo(NOVO).
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 Firm (Assesor) : Wonder Shipping
 AS Ship Brokers
 Rating : 5
As : Charterers
It was not bad but also not good. It was very hard to communicate with them. They usually do not reply mobiles even. If the biz is not very profitable I will not wish to work again… The demmurrage payment delayed.
Date :   17-07-2008
Price/Freight :   92000 €
Cargo :   Pipes ; 6700 Cbm
Vessel :   SEAMASTER 7
Port(s) :   Istanbul / Antwerp
ESCAOIT Shipping replies for above STEMINORDER CARD :
Mic at our company was going to marry that wekend. Yes sorry for delays…you are right. But the demmurrage was agreed with owners at a reasonable rate/amount…of course you wish it high to get higher commission!
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 Firm (Assesor) : Tricorn Shipping
 AS Shipowners
 Rating : 1

As : Agents
Escaoit served us as agents at dich port Barcelona. Mic at port never visited our vessel that is why we could not finish easy dischg because of this agent! Thanks to this website. Hope others who read this will not be damaged.

Date :   10-02-2007
Price/Freight :   76500 €
Cargo :   Steel Pipes ; 3200 Mts
Vessel :   PINDAR
Port(s) :   Piraeus/Barcelona
ESCAOIT Shipping replies for above STEMINORDER CARD :
The vessels documents were not complete and port authority was going to arraest vessel! Not because of us but the owners and the master. We will not cooperate with you again also!

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 Firm (Assesor) : Sierra Shipping
 AS Ship Sale Purchase
 Rating : 10
As : Surveyor & Inspector
Escaoit staff Mr. Mike went to Busan to inspect a vessel we planned to buy. We did a perfect investment by his support.FYG, the inspection price was very low! Thnx whole Escaoit team.
Date :   04-12-2001
Price/Freight :    
Cargo :    
Vessel :   TROYCON
Port(s) :   Busan
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 Firm (Assesor) : Oscar Transport
 AS Charterer (Importer,Exporter)
 Rating : 6
As : Maritime Lawyers
We got forensic assistance by Escaoit Int Co Law Office.for legal difficulty we had with our crew in France. Finally late but the crew is out office and the payment was a bit over market average, we paid 12,000€.
Date :   01-01-2004
Price/Freight :   12000 €
Cargo :    
Vessel :    
Port(s) :    
ESCAOIT Shipping replies for above STEMINORDER CARD :
Our lawyers are very well known professional, efficient and have 92% success at cases. The rate may be high for budget of OSCAR TRANSPORT but 12,000€ was below market rates.
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 Firm (Assesor) : TAO Shipping
 AS Shipowner
 Rating : 10
As : Repair Services & Shipyard
Escaoit servered us to repair our vessel COMMON at their shipyards in Istanbul. They were very fast. Very qualified. Staff were polite and good working. Thanks for whole Escaoit Shipyard for the great service given.
Date :   31-10-2007
Price/Freight :   74000 €
Cargo :    
Vessel :   COMMON
Port(s) :   ISTANBUL
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